1. All firing is prohibited when anyone is in the fields North of the range.
  2. All Firearms not encased will be unloaded, have actions or cylinders open and magazines out except when firing or preparing to fire.
  3. Approved targets must be paper or cardboard attached to frames and placed at designated target positions.  Exception is made for pistol and three gun matches under the supervision of a match director.
  4. All firing, dry firing, aiming or pointing of firearms will be downrange at approved targets and from designated firing points.
  5. All firing will be aimed shots in a manner that impacts into the berm.
  6. BEFORE GOING DOWNRANGE notify everyone on the firing line and make sure a CEASE FIRE is called. Firearms will be unloaded, actions and cylinders open and magazines out. Shooters remaining on the line will step back and no firearm will be handled until CEASE FIRE is over.
  7. Hours for firing are 8am to sundown each day.

Also, if you are a member it is required that you have your Membership card displayed on your person while on the range. If you have guest with you or family make sure they know the rules. As you are responsible for there actions while on the range.

The sign lists the basic rules of the range. If you are new to the Club, please read these rules and observe them. Cooperation and consideration of other shooters are essential for a safe and fun shooting experience by all members and guests. It’s your range. Let’s make the most of it.