The Steel Challenge is an exciting speed shooting sport that is new to Temple Gun Club.

Requirements to compete

(1)  Safe gun handling skills

(2) Centerfire pistol or revolver(9mm or larger ,no magnum loads)with holster

(3) Rimfire pistol with case, no holster, start from low ready(22lr ammo only)

(4) Eye and ear protection for everyone with you

Steel Challenge is consists of 8 stages. In an average match we will shoot 6 stages and each stage has 5 steel plates.Each stage will be shot 5 times so its nice to have 5 magazines but not required.The plates range in size from 10in circles,12in circles and 18x24in plates that are placed as close as 7yds and as far as 35yds in some stages.

2011 Matches will be on every 4th Saturday. TGC members pay $10.00 for 1 gun $15.00 for 2 Non members pay $15.00 for 1 gun and $20.00 for 2.Matches will start around 9am.

contact David Rowe