High power rifle matches are held the second, third and last Sunday of each month.  Matches are conducted in accordance with NRA Rules for High Power Competitions. Cost for entry is $10 per match.  Matches begin at 8am with squadding taking place at 7:30am.  Shooting consists of 20 shots slow fire from the standing position offhand @ 200yds, 20 shots rapid fire from the sitting position @ 200 yds, 20 shots rapid fire from the prone position @ 300 yds, and 20 shots slow fire from the prone position @ 300 yds on a reduced target to simulate 600 yds.  The last Sunday match is a prone 300 yd slow fire match, 3 ea 20 shot strings with sighters from 300 yards.

What do I need to get started?

Rifles can be bolt action or semi-auto.  Most popular rifle is the AR-15.  Rifles must be capable of holding five rounds in the magazine and be equipped with open sights.  A variety of other equipment is used by competitors such as shooting mat, shooting coat, spotting scope.  If you are new to the sport and want to see what it’s all about, come out to one of the monthly matches.  If you would like to try a match, let somebody know at the match and we’ll do our best to have some equipment loaned to you for the match.  Our goal is to have fun and learn about shooting more accurately.  Come on out and join the fun.