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Shooter’s Tip of the Month

2020-12-28 14:49 | JEFF S HOWARD (Administrator)

From the Pistol Side of the Range with Sanders

Shooter’s Tip of the Month

One of the critical parts in the act of shooting is getting the pistol out of the holster quickly. There are several important parts to the actual draw and shoot event but today I will be focusing only on the first part - The first movement of the hands at the initial start of the draw.

First let us get some fundamentals straight. If you are right-handed, then your right hand is called the dominant or strong hand and your left hand is the support or weak hand. And yes, for those few lefties , just the opposite is true. Your strong or dominant hand is your left hand, and your right hand is your weak or support hand.

In the draw, the first critical point is to determine where your weak hand is positioned as the pistol is drawn from the holster. A proper placement of the weak hand eliminates the chance of shooting that hand at the draw. Normally in competitive shooting the start position is arms relaxed at side. When the draw is first executed, we move are support hand (fingers together) in a flat position to the middle of our stomach area (just above the belly button) while our dominant hand is simultaneously moving down onto the pistol to secure a full grip.

So here is the shooter’s tip. The faster you move your weak hand to that specific position on your stomach the faster your strong hand will move to the pistol. One of the dynamics of the human body is it will not allow the support side of our body to be quicker than the dominant side. So, with arms relaxed at side, on signal move your support hand so fast from your side as to slap your stomach which will force your dominant hand to move even faster to acquire the grip on the pistol. Try it!

In the real world, this process would also be true.  As you are studying the situation, your hands are most likely by your sides ready to go into action. The faster your weak hand moves to remove your cover garment the faster your strong hand will move to the pistol.

As I discussed in a previous article on “Dry Fire Practice”, this is one part of the draw process that you should practice every day. Again, as fast as you can, move your weak hand from the side of your body (fingers together) to your spot on your stomach just above your belly button. So fast as to slap your stomach in the process while at the same time moving the strong hand to find the grip on the pistol. Continued dry fire practice will allow a consistent pistol grip even while moving with greater hand speed.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say “Keep dry fire practicing and Be One with your pistol”.


Jim Sanders


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