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Range Usage

The Layout of your new range allows us to shoot all disciplines at the same time.   The one exception is thrown clays for shotguns. The area is the same, just west of the new covered pistol area. If the northern Tactical bays are occupied, this shotgun area must be closed and vice versa. Except for calendar scheduled activities, these areas will be first come, first served. Be considerate of others. Just because you were first, doesn't mean you have to stay there, forever. As always, patterning of shotguns can only be done on the tactical bays.  No Vehicles in the Tactical Bays. No shooting from Tactical Bay Shelters.  Police your Brass and any Target Materials when you are finished, leave it like you would like to find it!

Members must qualify to fire from 300-500 yds

Please review Policies and Procedures below:

The Board wants to insure those wishing to shoot from the 500 yd firing line can safely keep shots on target.  There have been instances when shooters could not hit a 12X18” target from 200 yards.  Knowing the proper come ups on scopes are iron sights from 500 yds is imperative to keep bullets from striking the ground 100 yds in front of the impact berm and causing a ricochet that leaves the range. 

Once members have qualified, your membership card will be annotated to show 300-500 yd qualified.  When the membership card is annotated, members can print another copy of the card to show qualification.

The Board is aware some people have shot in organized matches from long distance.  If you have a current qualification of marksman or higher in a discipline of high power shooting, please forward a copy of that qualification card or screen print to Jeff Howard, membership Director at  jeffshoward58@gmail.com

  Jeff will annotate your membership card accordingly. 

Procedures for use of 100/200, 300, 500 yd Firing Lines

Only one firing line can be used during one period of time.  The firing lines will be first come first use.  This will limit the use of the rifle firing lines, so members are asked to be respectful of other shooters and not engage in long shooting sessions. When appropriate, time should be shared by all shooters and time yielded to others so everyone has a pleasant experience.  Respect and courtesy should prevail. 

No pistol caliber carbines can be shot from the 300 or 500 yd firing lines. 

Upon entry, shooters will need to look at all firing lines to see if any one of them is occupied and look for a red flag indicating a firing line is in use.  For example: if the 300 yd firing line is occupied, no one can proceed to any other rifle firing line.  Shooters should also check to make sure no one is down range placing targets. 

When entering the range with no firing line occupied, a shooter who wishes to shoot at 300 or 500 yds should use the barricades provided and close the road at the 200 yd firing line.  The barricade has a sign which reads, “ DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THIS POINT. “  There is also a barricade to close the 300 yd firing line road if a shooter wishes to shoot at the 500 yd firing line.  This will prevent anyone from proceeding to the 200 or 300 yd firing line.  When shooters go down range to check or replace targets, they should place the barricades across the road behind them to prevent someone from setting up at the 200 yd firing line. 

There are flag poles at the 200, 300 and 500 yd firing lines.  There is a red flag in the box on each flag pole.  When shooters are going to use one of these firing lines, they should raise the red flag to indicate the firing line is being used and firing is taking place. 

When barricades are placed across the road, no one is allowed to proceed beyond those barricades.  If someone desires to shoot at the 200 yd firing line, they should go to the occupied firing line and determine when that shooter will be finished. 

Targets can be placed on the two backer boards at targets frames 7 and 9 or on the backer boards at the two metal target frames.  Do not place targets on the 4X4 uprights or cross members.

After you have finished firing, lower the flag and secure it back in the box.  Also remove barricades from across the road.  Be sure to police the area you were using, pick up any brass and remove targets. 

Practical portion of 3-500 yard qualification

Have a verbal discussion about Ballistics to verify understanding.

  • -       Trajectory
  • -       Effects of Ballistic Coefficients
  • -       Effects of Velocity

Shooters will be given a chance to check “0” at 100 yards.

A IPSC silhouette will be placed at 200 yards – Shooters will demonstrate that they can hit the IPSC silhouette 3 of 10 times with misses close by. Shooters may stop after 3 hits.

Shooters will follow the procedures to close off the 200/100 yard shooting area.

The firing line will be moved to the 300 yard line. Shooters will demonstrate that they can hit the IPSC silhouette 3 of 10 times with misses close by. Shooters may stop after 3 hits.

Shooters will follow the procedures to close off the 300 yard shooting area.

 The firing line will be moved to the 500 yard line. Shooters will demonstrate that they can hit the IPSC silhouette 3 of 10 times with misses close by. Shooters may stop after 3 hits.

No wild shots! Shots landing nowhere near the target or accidental discharges will end the qualification and will have to be re-attempted at a later date.

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