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NRL Style Center Fire

The NRL Style Center Fire Match is a regular monthly match on the Sunday after the NRL22 match. So tell your friends and neighbors to come out and enjoy 5 or more stages of steel shooting with your Center Fire rifle.

If you are not familiar with NRL, it is a great way to experience precision rifle shooting. You will need a center fire rifle with a scope that can help with bullet drop from 100 yards to 500 yards. A bipod, sling and a couple bags to help stabilize the shooting position. We will shoot the NRL22 published stages but using centerfire rifles and the distances are 100 to 500 yards. Below are several links that talk about NRL22 and explain how the match is run.

The intent is to get out and try it! We will closely follow the NRL22 rules and monthly course of fire but we just want everyone to come out and try shooting long distances and have fun. If you have a handicap and cannot get into some of the positions, we will make accommodations. It is called Old Guns Class and if they decide to sit in a recliner and use a tripod for every stage, then that is how they will shoot it. Just come shoot if you are interested. If the group wants to do something special, we can work it in.

Having a great (expensive) gun is not the key to performing well at this kind of match, knowing how to build a solid position on unfamiliar objects is the key to making good shots. Practice, Practice, Practice! 

This is the link to NRL22 site for additional information.


This link will give you current and past courses of fire, rules and target information.


Good overview of NRL22 and information about the National Championship match.


Here are the details:

Temple Gun Club Center Fire Match is held at Temple Gun Club Range 3924 FM 438 Loop, Temple, TX 76501. Check calendar for event Sign up / Check-in times. Juniors are FREE. Please make sure to bring a chamber flag for your rifle. Please make sure you arrive early for check in. If you have signed up on Practiscore and are unable to attend please withdraw as soon as possible.

11 photo(s) Updated on: 2021-09-30
  • September 2021 Match completion.
  • Shooting from Tank Trap Tip.
  • Prone shooting at 300 yards.
  • Shooting from tire and barrel at 300 yards.
  • Roof top shooting at 500 yards.
  • Roof top shooting at 500 yards.
  • Amy shooting for 300/500 yard qualification.
  • Shooting from tire then 5 gal bucket.
  • Shooting from tire then 5 gal bucket and stack the 2 gal bucket.
  • Time for everyone to check gun dope before shooting the stage.
  • First match completion.

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