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CANCELLED Center Fire Long Range to 500 Yards

  • 2021-02-27
  • 11:00
  • TGC Rifle Range

We will schedule this for next month! The range is just muddy enough to make a mess of it if we try to shoot this match. 

We will be holding a "test match" for center fire rifles with distances out to 500 yards. We will start at 100/200 yards and work our way out to 300 and 500. You will have to demonstrate that you can put rounds on target before moving further out. Hint: It is not that hard and the RSOs/CD will help!!!!

 We will have a very relaxed format with site-in time at each distance before running the stage at that distance so you will know your gun is on target. Please look at some of the NRL22 stages (https://nrl22.org/downloads/) for an idea of what we plan to do. The same classifications will be used so there will be an OG class. If the OG class wants to use a recliner with a tripod for each stage, they can, just come have fun!

Depending on the feed back and participation, we will continue to have this type of "match" so you can shoot the 300/500 yard lines. ok,,, we want to shoot them also ;-)

Match round count - 60 Plus whatever you want to use for sight-in.

Shooting the stage is not mandatory.

Thanks, Stephen Hammonds 254-721-0534

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